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How to get your child to practice more effectively

We want families to love learning music. And we know that encouraging your child to practice regularly can be hard, for you and your child: so many battles, negotiations and compromises.

Learning music is so much easier for everybody when you know what you’re doing. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 10 ways you can motivate your child to practice their instrument more effectively. 

In our downloadable guide, we cover how to:

  • Create a comfortable practice space 
  • Motivate your child to practice 
  • Set achievable goals for your child
  • Prevent mental and physical pressure on your child
Tips to help your child practice an instrument

Music making should be a joy

Research shows the huge benefits of playing a musical instrument – increasing IQ, memory and problem-solving ability, leading to more positive effects toward mental health.

But for so many, the process of learning is so expensive, complex and chaotic that they are left frustrated and unable to make progress. 

You shouldn’t have to battle broken systems in order to make music, which is why we created Practice Pal. Our revolutionary platform gives you the tools to have complete control of your music education. Combining musical and technological innovation, we are making excellent music education accessible to all with a seamless and fully integrated platform that supports students, teachers and schools as you learn, teach and organise.

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